How to Buy Diamond Stud Earrings for Her?

You might be having a wrong impression if you think a trip to your local jeweler is all you need to buy diamond earrings. The sparkling pair calling your name from the other side of a display can’t be so easy to buy. Especially if you are going to gift these studs to someone special in your life, you need to take care of many factors other than just the looks.

How to pick the best pair from ongoing diamond earrings for women sale that falls under your budget, goes with her style and is crafted in the perfect metal that suits her. Feeling overwhelmed already? Read this ultimate guide.

Diamond Earrings for Women

How to Choose the Right Pair of Diamond Studs for Her?

There are endless ways to style diamond fashion earrings. They make the perfect gift for women. To find the perfect pair, you need to consider the diamond cut, quality, stud settings and metal.

What Defines the Quality of Diamond Studs?

You might have heard about the 4Cs, cut, color, clarity and carat that define the worth of a diamond. The good thing is these Cs become a less considerable factor when you are looking at a diamond earrings sale online. You should be more worried about the clarity of a diamond if it’s for an engagement ring, on the other hand, tiny inclusions don’t make a big deal when they are used for earrings. Anything which is ‘eye clean’ works for studs.

Which Diamond Cuts are best for Studs?

As mentioned earlier, color and clarity don’t make a big difference in earrings. The only C that matters is the Cut. Most of the diamond earrings for sale are adorned with round or princess cuts. The reason these cuts being popular is that the matching proportions are easy to attained from round or princess-cut as compared to pear or marquise cut.

What should be the Carat Weight for Diamond Studs?

You are going to buy a gift for her and wondering what should be the ideal size. The decision can be based on your budget. However, the total carat weight is divided in both earrings. For instance, if you are looking at sterling silver fashion earrings in 1-carat weight, then the gemstone will be 0.5 carats each.

Bottom line

The final piece of advice about diamond stud fashion earrings is that take a close look at the person you are going to gift the sparkles to. Note down the features on their hair, skin, facial proportion and ear size and then get in touch with an expert. Hope you will find the ideal pair at a diamond earring for women sale.

Jewelry Gifts Guide for Your Mom before Mothers Day

One person who knows you better than you know yourself is your mom. Can the celebrations of Mother’s Day be confined to one day? We owe our lives to this wonderful woman, and had it not been for her, we would have ceased to exist. Every moment, every single breath we take, is her grace, and to make her feel special for all that she has done, celebrating Mother’s Day is a fantastic idea. Let’s go the extra mile this Mother’s Day and buy her some unique jewelry gifts.

What are the Tips to Consider before Buying Jewelry Gifts for Your Mom?

From the snugly hug to the warmth from her meager presence, there is something different about the aura of a mother, and this Mother’s Day, let’s show her how much we value her by surprising her with some classic jewelry pieces. Follow the tips below for a pleasurable shopping experience:

  1. Birthstones are an interesting way of communicating your feelings. Piece of jewelry with your mother’s birthstone is a very special way of expressing your emotions.
  2. How about gifting some personalized jewelry to your mother? You can buy a bracelet or a ring or a pendant with something special engraved on it to add more meaning to the gift.
  3. Go with pearl jewelry because it is a quintessential way of stunning her on this Mother’s Day.
  4. Let the lockets with some candid pictures from the past create the magic. Your mother is surely going to keep it close to her heart.
  5. A charm bracelet is yet another intriguing gift idea to fascinate your mom. You can get the charms customized to add more value and meaning to them.
  6. Your mother is your guiding angel. So gift her angel pendants as it is a unique way of telling what she means to you.
  7. Matching pendants are yet another marvelous idea to make your mom feel enthralled on this Mother’s Day.
  8. If your mom is religious, then you can go for a religious pendant that signifies her beliefs.

Your mom deserves the best jewelry gifts on this Mother’s Day. We have an exclusive range of special jewelry gifts which we shall customize as per your requirements. Get in touch with us and add a sparkle to your Mother’s Day celebrations by gifting your mom something as unique as she is.

How to Buy Jewelry for Valentines Day?

Picking the best jewelry piece can be a daunting task because confusion regarding where and from whom to buy jewelry is genuine. So while you want to make the most of this Valentine’s Day, we have come up with simple ideas that will make the jewelry buying a simple and convenient task for you.

Diamond Rings for Engagement
  • Understand the taste of your partner: Fine jewelry comes at a good price, and you cannot end up throwing money down the drain by picking up anything that you see. You should keep a close watch on the kind of jewelry your partner likes. This could be the choice of metal, design, stones etc. In addition to this, you must know what your partner would like to wear. Is it earrings, diamond engagement rings, moissanite engagement rings, or bracelets?
  • Be well-informed: You need to do your homework well to understand from where you can get the best deals. You can visit the online stores or the brick and mortar stores too to have a feel of the jewelry pieces and accordingly decide on jewelry item which fits in your budget.
  • Be creative: You can choose personalized jewelry for your valentine. This will show your creativity and how deeply you are in love with her. From putting quotes like “I Love You,” “Be Mine Forever,” etc., on the bracelet to engraving the names on the pendants, you can be as experimental and creative as you want with personalized jewelry gifts.
  • Be aware: While buying jewelry gifts for Valentine’s Day, you must be cautious so that you are not duped by some fraudster in the market who is there to take leverage of your buying spree. Visit reputed and trusted stores and make sure that they have a comfortable return policy if you need to get the jewelry piece exchanged.
  • Look for synthetic diamonds: Synthetic diamonds are not fake diamonds, but they are grown in laboratories, and this makes them different from natural diamonds. These diamonds have a brilliant sheen, and you can get these at a reasonable price.
Diamond Wedding Bands in Bridgewater NJ

Partner with us for a fun and learning earrings, diamond rings, bracelets and other jewelry gifts buying experience!

Reasons You Are Ready To Propose in a Unique Way?

A marriage proposal is a big deal for both partners. After all, they are committing to each other for a future that can be filled with thick and thin. 

What To Say to a Girl While Proposing?

Some people end up proposing to their partners within months of dating, while others take years to do so. A handful of people may propose because of certain obligations, and others may do it for sheer love they have for their partners. Regardless of what the situation is, one must be ready to take the next step. 

So, here in this blog, we will share with you a few signs that suggest you are ready to propose:

1- You Are Opening About The Finances:

No matter how devoted you are towards each other, money matters up to a certain limit. You and your partner may not be extremely rich, but you must know each other’s financial situation. You don’t need to know how much each of you earns monthly, but having an idea of how things will proceed during the critical situation is necessary.

2- Reached A Milestone:

Many people decide to become financially stable before searching for engagement proposal ideas during Covid-19which is perfectly healthy. So, if you have reached any of your goals like got an increment in salary or even got a promotion, then proceed with rewarding your life with a life partner. 

3- You Have Planed The Future Together:

Couples who wish to stay together have a habit of planning their future together. For instance, buying a new house in the next ten years, going on a vacation, choosing baby names, etc. If you both have a natural sincerity in talking about such stuff, then it is a telltale sign that you are comfortable with taking a new step in the relationship. 

4- Your Partner Is Dropping Hints:

Women especially have this habit of dropping hints. She may suggest you a diamond engagement ring idea or even send you a beach proposal guide just to show you how she envisions her engagement day to be. If you keep on changing the topic, then might be you aren’t ready. But if you enjoy those hints, then go ahead, plan something. 

Bottom Line

Taking the relationship to the next level isn’t easy. But leaving the relationship in the same place isn’t a great option either. So, if you think you are noticing either of the above-mentioned signs in your life, then proceed with scanning the internet for romantic proposal ideas at the beach, home, or even movie theatre. And don’t forget the ring. 

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Important Guidelines for Engagement Ring Trends

You must retain the shine and the luster of your precious engagement and wedding rings. Or it may be any other ring that you have. With every jewelry you buy or get as a gift, there are sentiments attached to the purchase. 

When you buy, first know how to take care of rings. Let your purchase from the diamond engagement ring trends always shine and sparkle.

Here Are Some Summer Jewelry Tips That May Help You:

1 – Remove the Rings and Check Them 

You may be wearing your diamond ring every day. Make it a point to check it now and then. Remove your ring and see the fine details. Check if there is any dirt or grease that won’t go. Also, ensure that the settings or prongs are firmly in place. Clean the rings very gently with warm soapy water so that there are no scratches. 

2 – Avoid Harsh Chemicals 

You love your rings, especially the diamond ones. So, you may be cleaning them intending to let them shine more. But bear in mind to use mild liquids and warm water to wash them. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals or bleaching agents. It may cause the luster to fade and leave abrasions. 

Summer Engagement Ring Trends

3 – Always Close the Drain 

You may be washing and cleaning your rings in the washbasin or the sink. This is a risky process. You have to shut the drain so that the rings don’t slip down. Or if there are any loose diamonds ensure that you take extra care while cleaning. You can go for professional cleaning in such a case. 

4 – Check the Other Details 

Your diamond rings may be made of various components. For example, tiny diamonds, small gemstones, etc. you have to take care of these different elements. When you clean the rock, you have to keep in mind the other elements’ cleaning process. The metal that is in use should be given a thought. When cleaning, take care of all the details. 

Take care of your rings bought from summer jewelry trends 2020.  

To Conclude 

Take extra care of all your valuables from the Summer Engagement Ring Trends. If you pride yourself on having such lovely jewelry with you, ensure proper maintenance, and avoid activities that may damage. 

Store the rings properly and clean them regularly at home or take professional help. 


Useful Tips on Finding a Trustworthy Jewelry Repair Store

It has been observed over the years that many people find it challenging to navigate through the jewelry store; it is a lot like steering a ship through fog. People don’t know who they can trust and can quickly get confused, and the experience would slightly creep them out. They always fear that a smiling salesperson on the counter is just looking to steal their gold. While it may be evident that there are a few stores that occasionally employee the pirate-like workers, but there are many other businesses that stick to the jewelry loving folks.

Basic Jewelry Repair and Maintenance Tips

It isn’t straightforward to identify the loyal ones; therefore, here are some of the guidelines or tips you could follow to find a trustworthy jewelry repair store near me:

Same Day Jewelry Repair Store
  1. Find The One Who Fits Your Personality And Style

It is crucial to find a jeweler that fits your personality and style. It is a big thing to consider when finding a jeweler. If you are some cool guy who is looking for some handmade jewelry of silver, then you can search for a local mom-pop store or an artisan jeweler. If you like fancy jewelry, then you will have to look for a jeweler who specializes in high-quality items. Once you are aware of the kind of jeweler you are looking for, you will be completely ready to find the jeweler that is honest and treats you with respects, along with doing the best work for you and your piece.

  1. Ask for Reference

Ask the co-workers and friends the jewelers they have used and have experiences with them in the past. You can also contact the Better Business Bureau and the local business association, along with reading reviews and researching online. You also have the option of finding an onsite jewelry repair store close to you who is a member of a jewelry association you are aware of. Usually, the members of the associations are committed to upholding fair practices and high standards.

Quick Jewelry Watch Cleaning Services
  1. Go For Small Repairs Initially

After doing the research and asking for a reference, when you have found the suitable jeweler, you would still be skeptical as they might be entirely new for you. Before trusting them with significant investments, try to give a small piece of jewelry for watch repair, for instance, soldering a silver chain or adding a bead to the bracelet. You could make out from the repairs and the attitude of the representative towards you on the business ethics and their code of conducts.


These were some of the tips that would help you to weed out the potential jeweler you feel would be ideal for handling your same-day jewelry and watches repairs services in Bridgewater NJ, and Bridgewater Township, New Jersey.

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Why Is Grading Report Important When Buying Loose Diamonds?

Your essential belongings like house, vehicles, etc. have titles and registrations. You have the documented proof of their characteristics and features. Diamond is as precious as your other valuable belongings and it’s necessary to have a grading report for certified loose diamonds.

If you are not aware of the gravity of having a grading report, then read below points that explain its importance.

Certified loose diamonds
  • Diamond grading report should not be misunderstood as appraisal. It is a laboratory generated report of stone’s exact quality and characteristic.
  • Grading report ensure that the diamond is natural. It discloses treatment the diamond has gone through to render its color and clarity. The report gives clear evidence that is necessary for a confident purchase.
  • Grading institutes like AGS, GIA, etc. do not promote and sell diamonds. These are independent bodies that are concerned only about the consumer protection and delivering consumers a quality product. Hence you should buy GIA, AGS, IGI and EGL certified loose diamonds.
Certified loose diamonds
  • These institutes employ highly trained diamond graders, gemologist and research scientist who assess the diamond and inspect them, depending on the size. The report is checked and cross-checked by number of experts before getting printed.
  • The examination performed on the diamond by diamond graders is scrupulous and impartial, which makes the report for loose diamonds for sale inBridgewater NJ and Bridgewater Township, New Jersey is highly accurate and reliable.
  • A grading report has expert analysis of color, clarity, cut, and weight of the diamond. It also has plotting diagram which shows inclusions on diamond and its light performance.
Certified loose diamonds
  • The 4 C’s of a diamond will give you a multitude of information about diamond’s characteristics and its worth.
  • A grading report also identifies the country of origin of the diamond. The place diamond gets mined until it gets in store for sell, the whole process is monitored. So, it confirms that the diamond is conflict free.
  • A grading report has its unique hologram, security screen, and microprint lines that prevent them from getting forged or duplicated.
  • Even diamond retailers have recognized that a grading report calls for an instant credibility in the marketplace with customers buy loose diamonds online. Those who buy, sell and curate the diamonds rely on grading reports because of its authenticity.

To Wrap It Up

A grading report of a diamond tells about the characteristics of that diamond. When you ask for a grading report, you know that every penny you have paid for buying that jewelry is worth it. A grading report gives you quality assurance and confirms that the certified loose diamond is genuine.

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Know About 4Cs Before You Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to beauty, what strikes you first? Is it the dress, shoes, or ornaments? Well, styles have got different meanings and definitions for different people. Of course, your choice and style sense will differ from others. But there is the only item which every hipster believes as real beauty, the diamond.

As you know, the diamond is rare; the diamond is beautiful. A simple diamond touch can turn your overall look. Diamond rings are the most common gift ornaments. Nowadays, the diamond ring is mandatory for weddings and pre-wedding. So, if you are getting ready for your engagement, you must design your own engagement ring beforehand.

Build Your Own Diamond Wedding Ring NJ

The Famous 4Cs

While buying a perfect diamond ring for your loved one, you must know about the famous 4Cs, a universal method for assessing the diamond quality while you build your own diamond ring, which you should keep in mind.

  • Carat- It refers to the weight of the diamond. It depends upon the diamonds cut and shape.
  • Cut- Diamond is of no use if they have no brilliance, which comes from a perfect cut. Diamond’s angles, symmetricity, brilliance, and finishing depends upon the perfect cut. As per GIA scale on which diamond cut measure are Ideal, excellent, very good, good, fair, and poor. Ideal and excellent are known for the maximum level of brilliance. While designing your own diamond ring, you should check that there is no yellow tint visible on the diamond.
  • Color- GIA scale from D to Z, which measures how white or colorless the diamond is. D for the most colorless diamond, it means the best and Z stands for poor quality diamond having yellow or brown tint.
  • Clarity- It shows how clean the diamond is both in the context of inclusions and blemishes. GIA categorize into ten categories depending upon flaw and clarity in the diamond. FL stands for flawless while IF stands for Internal flaw. Choose your own ring stylesbased on the lawless clarity.
Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring NJ

One must not hesitate or feel ashamed about their choice. Practice leads to impeccable results. The same thing is applied when it comes to jewelry. You must choose your own ring styles or any other accessories as from that you get clear ideas about what suits you the best. So, whenever you visit any diamond jewelry shop, the first thing you must do is let them know how you would like to create your own wedding ring or any other purpose jewelry. Diamond is such beautiful accessories that will add more beauty to your appearance.

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Live Your Engagement Day For Years to Come with Diamond Rings!

Engagements are indeed a ‘once in a life time’ affair and every one desires every element of that day to be perfect- starting from the clothes, food and décor to the guest list ambiance and music. The strife for perfection is made so that years later when you recollect this special day, the memories are just as special.

However, the stars of the engagement day are neither the clothes nor the décor and what actually lives as the solid memory of the engagement day is none other the diamond engagement ring.

Engagement Ring

Everyone wants their engagement rings to be stunning and awe inspiring while also being extremely comfortable for everyday use. Diamond rings are a very good option for that. The diamonds themselves are so sparkly and pretty that irrespective of the design of the ring, they are sure to be liked by everyone.

Both for Men and Women

If you think that diamond rings are just for the women then it is time for you to re think it as good options of diamond engagement rings for Men as well as diamond engagement rings for Women available at the leading jewelers today in Bridgewater NJ and Bridgewater Township, New Jersey.

The designs are made in such a way that they transcend the norms of gender and are equally suitable for all. However the men’s rings are available in bigger sizes as well in comparison to that of women so you do not really need to worry about the fitting of your ring.

Couple Ring

A recent trend that has been doing the rounds of social media is that of getting same ring for both the groom as well as the bride. That is an equally good option and you can easily find diamond wedding rings for couples with similar designs at all the leading stores both online as well as offline so that you may even have it without really stepping out in its search.

Quality Check

However before you make your pick for the best diamond bridal rings, ensure that you go through the quality of the diamond as there are various quality and price ranges that are available today. For the best quality it is therefore advised to rely only on the leading stores.

For pocket friendly options, diamond anniversary rings on sale may be a good section where you can look at before you make your buy. Make your engagement day an unforgettable affair with beautiful and attractive rings. Take a look at the things you should know about.

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